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It's Time to Play! 

People spend much time doing dull and boring things.

Sometimes it is more fun to be out sailing, go dancing, acting on stage or just coding cool small games for Atari Lynx.

Program for the Lynx!

The tools for making applications for the Lynx have developed a lot in recent years. If you really want to play something fun you can easily kick up the application by programming a few evenings.

Alex has created a really wonderful Programmers Tutorial

Real carts!

One of the most satisfying things is to see your game or modification on a real cart just like in the old days. You can get blank carts and programmer hardware from this site when they are available.

If you want to get your Lynx image on a real cart just drop me a line. Programming a blank cart with your image is just €13, including postage.

Modified "hidden game" cart.Modified "hidden game" cart.