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Always winter, never Christmas

For a limited time you can get a Christmas related mini-novel for the Lynx.

Always winter, never Christmas
Reiko's junk runAlways winter, never Christmas Reiko's junk run

Feasibility studies and hacks

Sometimes you want to create small studies before starting on a real game. Here I have collected some studies that might be interesting to try out on a real Lynx.

Flappy Bird Testing

By Christmas time in 2016 tonma released a feasibility study.

Flappy ChristmasFlappy Christmas 

Flappy lnx image for 93c46 eeprom carts. Download

Flappy lnx image for 93c86 eeprom carts. Download

BattleZone hidden game

The amazing BattleZone had a hidden game with full graphics and much more content than the real game. It is also ComLynxable!. In order to play this game with multiple Lynxes it is easier to start up with a hacked cart that starts in the hidden game mode automatically. This cart is not in the shop for obvious reasons.

Modified "hidden game" cart.Modified "hidden game" cart.